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What do I need to have a                      Apart from speaking to us first, you will need to

Barn Dance?                                    book a suitable hall.


          The very minimum size would have a dance floor area that is big

             enough to park four large cars together. That will give us room to

             have at least four sets of dancers in line.

             You will also need room to put chairs and, if possible

             tables around the room.


             The use of a bar and/or a kitchen area would also be beneficial.



Can anyone take part?                                        Yes, anyone from 9 to 90 can take part.

                                                         (We have had younger people and we have had older people)



Do I have to supply food?                              You do not have to supply food but it is often a good idea to charge

                                                                            an entrance fee which will pay for the food and leave something left

                                                                            over to pay for the hall hire.



What sort of food should                      Anything from a Ploughman’s Supper (Cheese, Pickles, Salad, fresh

we have?                                          French Bread & Butter etc) to a Pie or Sausages and Mash.



Should we have drinks available?   Some halls have a bar but others only have a kitchen that you can

                                                                            use but it is always a good idea to have some drinks available, such

                                                                            as Tea/Coffee and always, Soft Drinks. (Your guests will get hot when dancing

                                                                                                                     and will need to top up their body fluids)


Do you run a Raffle?                                                No. Usually, the organisers run their own raffle.  We can assist with

                                                                            the draw and we also do our best to promote your Raffle.



Can you supply Promotion                            Yes. We can supply both A4 size posters as well as A5 Posters.




How do we book a Barn Dance?          You fill in the details on the "CONTACT US" PAGE.

             If we are free on that night, after we have chatted to you on the

             telephone to make sure that we understand your needs, we will

             reply to you in writing with a quote for our services.

             To confirm the booking you will need to sign and return a copy of

             our booking letter together with a deposit. 


Do we charge for people                                  Yes, see the above answer to the question about food.

attending the event?                                              You also need to pay our fee so a nominal charge is usual.



Do we have to dress up?                This is up to you, you can make it a themed night or just encourage

                                                                           people to dress for a Barn Dance.



What happens if we have to           If you cancel the booking less than one month prior to the event

Cancel the event?                                                         date then you will forfeit your deposit. BUT...

                                                                            If you re-schedule the event then we will hold your deposit for the

                                                                            new date.


                                                                            In the event that we are unable to attend on the agreed date due

                                                                            to breakdown, illness etc. we will offer another date at half our

                                                                            usual fee.